The COMBAT MISSION is a MILSIM event where the equipment you choose can dictate the success or failure of the mission.

The terrain is the most important factor, in terms of choosing your gear.

Since it is an event with short missions, it does not require large logistics by the participant, just the essentials.




You can bring whatever you wish, and depending on the type of the missions you can readapt the armament to the next one since you have all the equipment at your disposal between missions in the tents area.

The use of shields is not allowed.

No pyrotechnics are allowed.

The use of grenades is allowed, however the organization is not responsible for the loss of them.

Portuguese’s weapons players will need to comply the law.

International players are not covered by the national weapons law.



Clothing & Accessories


The WOODLAND, MULTICAM, AOR2 and MARPAT standards are good examples of what you can bring. If you come using BLACK or DESERT you will be an easy target from a distance.

Avoid glitches in your equipment; it can denounce your position.


Avoid metallic objects in contact with each other, the noise can denounce your position.







Bring comfortable footwear.

Waterproofing the feet with waterproof footwear is important.



Combat ration


Each element will be responsible for its feeding during the 36 hours of operation.

The Organization will dispense fresh fruit and drinking water on their HQ’s for refilling between missions.


The Organization offers lunch on Sunday 25th with all those involved in the operation.




There will be time to rest between missions.


You will use the tents provided by the Organization in the different places to rest.
No personal tents are allowed in this MILSIM event

Rapel Equipment -MANDATORY

On COMBAT MISSON there are missions that includes Abseiling.

Each element must bring his own safety equipment.

5 meters of rappel rope; 1 carabiner; 1 eight




On COMBAT MISSION, the missions are short and direct action in the objective. You may bring a backpack but you will not give it much use on the field because you will return to your HQ after each mission, you can refill several times.

Any of these will serve the purpose.



We do advise you to bring a large backpack / bag to put your personal belongings on the tents that will be designated for each team.



This type of backpacks, boxes or bags are not allowed in this MILSIM event.