Car park

There will be a car park near the MHQ

(Main Head Quarters) if you decide to bring your own car.


Please be quick to withdraw your equipment.  

Toiletries for Sunday can be left in the car.

You will be given a parking place upon arrival. Lock the car, you will not be back until Sunday.

The organization shall not be liable for theft or damage to the vehicles.

For those who come in the organization transportation:

Please be quick to withdraw your materials. Toiletries for the bath on Sunday will be kept in a place of care of the staff.

Graduation and Briefing


When you go to the graduation zone on the MHQ, you need to id all your bags ans cases, because they will be transported again on a STAFF vehicle.

It is not necessary to equip or prepare materials at that time. The briefings will be given unequipped.


MHQ (Main Headquarters)


Here you will receive the briefing about "rules in combat", safety briefings, and individual safety equipment.

You will also deal with some documentation inherent to the participation in the event.


It will be at your disposal in the MHQ:


Large military tents

Electricity 230V

Military props (Spirit, Involvement)

Safety individual Equipment per team for the event (Chemlight, whistle etc ...)

Potable water

Water for bath (showers on Sunday)

Hot meal (Sunday lunch)




Briefing "Rules in combat"


On this briefing you will discuss the rules in combat and the procedures to take if you’r hit or hit anybody. You can and should ask any questions regarding this topic at this time. You will also receive the “rules in combat” book to help you in the field.



Security briefing


In this Briefing we will talk about:

Helicopter entry techniques

Helicopter exit techniques 

Rappelling techniques

Care in the use of boats and vehicles


Team safety equipment



You will receive in MHQ some security equipment that you should save and use on a last resort.


If you do not use it, you must return it at the end



Smoke Grenade



Identification / Patch


After receiving the briefings and safety equipment, you will be divided into different factions and receive an event PATCH allusive to your faction

This PATCH is for you to identify each other, it must be returned at the end of the event.







All elements are now identified and will be distributed on the field.

FOB (Forward Operations Base)


It is here that you will be the majority of time throughout

the operations.

You will be isolated and far from the urban area, you have to be independent.

All the equipment that you placed in the Organization vehicle at the beginning of the event will be brought into here.


Whenever you receive a new mission, you’ll plan and prepare materials.

The cleaning and stowage of the FOB are the responsibility of each element at its level.

Everything that surrounds the FOB is hostile, so the defense of it is up to you



You will have at your disposal at the FOB:


Large military tents (Planning, preparation materials)

Small Military Tents (Rest, Relaxation)

Electricity 230v (Charge mobile phones, etc ...)

Military props

At faction commander’s disposal:

Computer with internet (to communicate with the Command)

Radios (to communicate with the Command)

vehicles 4x4





All you logistically need to accomplish the mission. As real as it gets.