The number of missions you will perform is classified for organizational reasons. However, the missions will be of short duration (direct action in the OBJ), always returning to the FOB at the end of it. Successfully or unsuccessfully, you will always return to the FOB to receive a new mission.

The missions will never last for more than 9 hours. (this is MILSIM)


You should try to accomplish all the missions successfully, because your fun depends on it.



In operation, will be designated a CO of UN Faction (From ORGANIZATION)

To broadcast any indication. In doubt, it is to this element that you’ll

ask for clarification.


During the event, and in operation, you will strictly follow your CO orders


When you are installed in the FOB, many missions will emerge, always emanated from your CO.
You must respect all your Cmd decision’s, because, like any other participant, it is his intention to do well and not harm, and for that, he needs your total loyalty and readiness.



All teams will have to name a MEDIC.


In the book “rules in combat” it is discriminated

what the medic can or can’t do


The medic of each team should go to the UN CO in order to receive the briefing about their functions in the field.