The Organization will do everything so that the participant has a MILSIM experience of the highest quality as possible.


The staff  is not there to make it difficult, but rather, to help the participant.


The Organization is not responsible for any theft or theft during the course of the event.


The Organization is not responsible for any loss of material by the participants.


Ask the Organization so that we can quickly assist you in any matter.


On operation, it is very important to use the radio / mobile phone, so you should constantly check the batteries


Radios and mobile phones can be charged at the FOB


The communications must be SHORT AND CLEAR so do not jam the channel when communicating with your command.


Radio discipline is essential for the fulfillment of the mission.


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On the ground there will always be a medical support vehicle.


The medical support vehicle team is qualified and certified to support the event.


The elements will be ready to act but at the right distance in order not to interfere with the ROLEPLAY of the event.


It is not allowed to approach these elements unless an emergencY. For all purposes in operation, they do not exist


The car is equipped with advanced life-saving equipment and trauma.


The car will always be at the most critical points of the event such as the rappel, just for precaution.


In the event of an emergency, immediately contact the phone number provided at the safety briefing and the UN CO or a UN OBSERVER nearby to expedite the relief process


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On Sunday, will be a lunch with all the participants, Staff personel and supporters of the event.


Lunch is included in the registration fee.


It will be the ideal place to socialize and share that special moment in the operation.


You will be able to exchange experiences.