Declaration of Exclusion of Liability and Authorization

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1) Who is in perfect physical and psychic form to face the conditions of each event, stating that all the individual equipment used by each participant or team complies with the conditions of suitability and safety, being expressly exempt from responsibilities the organization In the event of an accident due to such cause, misuse, malpractice or failure to comply with the instructions given.

2) That it has an official document valid throughout the European Union where it covers the contingencies of pharmaceutical medical care, hospitalization, emergency surgical intervention, and or repatriation from the place of proof to its place of origin in case of need.

3) The participant excludes from all responsibility the organization, in case of accident caused by malpractice, recklessness, lack of technical knowledge, sports, physical and by use of defective or inappropriate individual material or equipment, physical injuries prevailing.

4) Likewise, damage caused to third parties as well as negligent negligence or unlawful acts of any of the participants, will be the sole responsibility of the author of the same, without any liability can be demanded from the organization for this reason.

5) This event is an event organized by GOFE-Airsoft Club and not for profit. Although each participant has to pay at the time of their registration the value of the same all the value realized, will be solely and exclusively for the payment of the respective expenses obtained with the means that will be made available to all participants and the organization to carry out of the test.

6) The participant further authorizes that during the course of the event, images and photographs of him or her are captured and that they may be publicly disclosed by the organization.

7) Thus, it declares that it knows the rules of admission and registration, that it will respect and respect all orders given by the organizers, and that participation in the tests expressly implies acceptance in all procedures, without it being possible to establish as a legitimate cause of complaint Before the courts, their ignorance or misinterpretation of the rules contained in this document.

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