Operational SupportTRANSMIÇÃO

Size – 2/3 elements.

Value 00 € / Offer Registration and final lunch of fraternization.

OBS: Daily food not included.

Subscribe to  oex.gofe@gmail.com

Objective of the OEX 2020 mission

Who are

  • Elements that can support the Organization in communications.

Level of readiness and alertness

  • At the Command’s command.


  • Operational support.


  • Total availability.


  • Full Camouflaged (Any pattern).


  • From 10 June to 14 June 2020.
    Preference to elements with availability prior to 10 June.

Environmental and animal rules

  • It is expressly forbidden to make any kind of bonfires.
    It is expressly prohibited to shoot any type of animal throughout the Operation zone.
    Necessary physiological needs make a hole and bury.
    It is mandatory to transport the garbage to a place where they can leave it with any element of the organization.

Capturing photos or footage

  • It is expressly prohibited the capture by means of Photography or Filming of any and all information that IDENTIFY the place where the OPERATION takes placeIt.
  • It is expressly forbidden to place footage or ON-LINE photographs during the entire period of the Operation.