Operational SupportAPOIO

Size – 10 elements.

Value – 20€ / single payment

OBS: Daily food not included


Objective of the OEX 2020 mission

Who are

  • Elements that can support the Organization in several areas.

Level of readiness and alertness

  • At the Command’s command.


  • Logistical and operational support.


  • Total availability.


  • Full Camouflaged (Any pattern).


  • From 10 June to 14 June 2020.
    Preference to elements with availability prior to 10 June.

Environmental and animal rules

  • It is expressly forbidden to make any kind of bonfires.
    It is expressly prohibited to shoot any type of animal throughout the Operation zone.
    Necessary physiological needs make a hole and bury.
    It is mandatory to transport the garbage to a place where they can leave it with any element of the organization.

Capturing photos or footage

  • It is expressly prohibited the capture by means of Photography or Filming of any and all information that IDENTIFY the place where the OPERATION takes place.
    It is expressly forbidden to place footage or ON-LINE photographs during the entire period of the Operation.