Size – 4 teams, 2 elements

Value – 100 € / 5 tranches of 20 €

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                        Objective of the OEX 2020 mission

Who are

  • Binomial of SNIPERS.

Level of readiness and alertness

  • At the Command’s command.


  • Elimination of specific targets.


  • Elimination of Special Forces Commanders.


  • Sniper with locking gun (Required).
  • Spoter with automatic weapon (Required).


  • The Operation will have a total duration of 108h00m and Special Forces Teams may be captured at any time within that period, or until the organization terminates the Sniper mission.

Contact with the Enemy

  • They may only contact the enemy solely for the purpose of eliminating specific targets (Special Forces Commanders) with a shot from the latching weapon.
  • They must confirm the specific target before they eliminate it.

Deaths and Catches

  • Snipers binomials can only shoot down the SF team captain, the SF team has automatically terminated and their mission is at risk and can be aborted.
  • For this reason, the entire SF Team will be considered under capture.
  • As long as the SF commander remains alive in the confrontation with Snipers, it works the rule of one shot a death until one of the teams is totally eliminated.
  • If the SF commander is the only survivor he can heal his entire team and continue the mission.
  • After the Snipers have shoot down the THE COMMANDER of the SF and have verbally informed LOUD AND CLEAR  that they are under capture No one … RUNS AWEY/ MAKE FIRE / or GRUMBLES whatever.
  • If teams of SF shoot down an element of the Sniper binomial the hit element is dead (dead does not move does not speak), continuing the action the remaining elements.
  • The downed element is replayed if the other element in the Sniper captures the SF team they had contact with, or if they permanently abandon contact with that enemy team.

After capture / POW

  • SF can not take any initiative to escape after being informed that they are captured by the Snipers team, nor during the transport to the POW field.
  • Flight to catch can only occur after arrival in the POW field.
    All screens Snipers MUST request the Command to transport to the POW field all captured SF elements.
    It is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED to binomial snipers to cuff and to prey on any captured item.

News & Events

  • Whenever you contact your Command / HQ the first words transmitted must be the Team Identification Code followed by the coordinates of the point where they are, only after this data is transmitted to the Command / HQ, they must transmit the information they want to send or request .

Vehicles circulating on the ground

  • All the vehicles that circulate in the territory including civil vehicles, are enemies of the teams of SF except for:
  • Vehicle Medical Support identified with CRUZ RED
  • Any other vehicle that identifies itself in HIGH VOICE as belonging to the COMMAND of the Special Force.
  • Only those vehicles mentioned above and properly identified may be ADDRESSED by the SF teams.

Environmental and animal rules

  • It is expressly forbidden to make any kind of bonfires.
  • It is expressly prohibited to shoot any type of animal throughout the Operation zone.
  • Necessary physiological needs make a hole and bury.
  • It is mandatory to transport the garbage to a place where they can leave it with any element of the organization.

Capturing photos or footage

  • It is expressly prohibited the capture by means of Photography or Filming of any and all information that
  • IDENTIFY the place where the OPERATION takes place.
  • It is expressly forbidden to place footage or ON-LINE photographs during the entire period of the Operation.