26972888_2003829083274104_55989649_oOEX 2020 Introduction / History


  • Special Forces Unit - LRRP
  • Specialists in missions ...
  • Longe-Range Reconnaissance Patrol
  • FES-LRRP teams will be infiltrated into enemy territory by means of transportation available at the unit.
  • During the displacement to infiltration in the TO ... because of the failure of the used transport medium, they failed the planned insertion coordinate and lost all combat material they carried.
  • Without material, they are obliged to contact and request support to the unit's unit command, which informs them that they will send new logistic material and weapons, so that they can continue and carry out their mission.
  • In order to collect this material they must move to coordinate point informed as (mission support point), after collecting the materials should continue the assigned mission.


  • Complete the mission without being killed or captured in order to reach the Ex-filtration point.
  • The success of the mission will depend solely on your ability to overcome your collective knowledge of Survival, Techniques and Tactics in extreme conditions, not least of Camouflage throughout the course of the mission.


  • In extreme situations all of us can do more than what we imagine.